The member firms of CPA-USA Association believe that business people today require specialized, personally tailored services from their professional accounting firms.  These firms must be able to provide such key services as: accounting and auditing, tax and financial planning on a personal and corporate level, budgeting assistance; structures and tax planning for international business valuations; estate planning; pension and retirement planning and administration; corporate development and planning; and computer system evaluation, design and implementation.

CPA-USA Association is comprised of member firms of sufficient size and scope to serve every need without becoming impersonal and bureaucratic.  Specializations are blended to meet the client’s personalized service requirements.

CPA-USA Association members ensure that clients are not merely passed off to another office when they require the services of an affiliate member.  Such assistance is coordinated through the member firms, thereby providing communication and follow through in all situations.  CPA-USA Association is a strong committed network of firms whose goal it is to anticipate the needs of our clients and provide the support and service levels commensurate with innovative professional advice.

CPA-USA Association members often assist their clients in monitoring and developing existing operation, launching businesses in international markets and developing strategies and timing for future expansion.  CPA-USA Association members are in frequent communication with each other to ensure their clients are able to make decisions which capitalize on the best business opportunities and options.

CPA-USA Association is divided into three regional areas of the United States.  These regions are the Northern, Southern and Western.  Each region is led by a Regional Coordinator.  Overall, CPA-USA Association is directed by its five officers – National Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Peer Review Director and Alternate Office – and its three Regional Coordinators.

Annual dues are very modest, comparing extremely favorably with many other associations where dues often exceed $10,000 per year.  We are able to maintain a modest dues structure by calling upon our members to be involved with each other, and to truly understand the functions of the Association and its benefits.

Our members take their involvement in CPA-USA Association seriously. Typically our annual meeting runs three days – during which significant subject matter is covered.  The agendas for these meetings are filled with programs that are geared to help us serve our clients as well as improve our own practices.  Of similar benefit and form, we generally have a two day mid-year meeting, located at a location convenient to an airport, to facilitate our members’ transportation needs.

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